Russian Seasons

Антиквариат. Портрет Е.Д. Давыдовой урожденной Орбелиани (?-1899)

Lot №: с-1/200

81,5x67,5 cm

Антиквариат. Миниатюра «Портрет мужчины в сером камзоле»

Lot №: с-1/212

6,5x5,5 cm

Антиквариат. "Жанровая сцена. Чаепитие"

Lot №: 060/06

40,5x26,5 cm

Антиквариат. Портрет императора Александра II

Lot №: с-1/47

67x50 cm




 Examination and antiques appraisal are carried out by “Russian Seasons” gallery experts and can be done on preliminary arrangement at our gallery, located on Liteinyj prospect, 15 or at our salon, located on nab. r.Fontanka, 24. Also, for your service our experts can visit your place to make an appraisal. Examination is free of charge and strictly confidential.

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Antique gallery “Russian seasons” interested in a purchasing of Russian art and antique items of a museum and collection value of a pre-revolutionary period. Also we are taking offers on a realization of art-pieces of soviet and post-soviet period and foreign art-pieces. 

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 Most of art pieces gallery “Russian Seasons” sales have an expert conclusion of StateRussianMuseum, State Tretyakov Gallery, The All-Russia art scientifically-restoration center of a name of academician I.E.Grabarja. Some of the art pieces have an attributions of “Russian Season” gallery specialist, based on Art criticism and technological examination. 

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 Necessary restoration can be done on a request. Restoration provided by a museum-class specialists with more that 20-years experience of work.